Our Shirts

We believe in providing the old world quality with the new world buying experience. You get to touch, feel and appreciate the fabric of choice before you order while getting measured the traditional way – by a professional fitter. The new world buying experience then kicks-in once you have picked your fabric of choice when all correspondence and communiqué takes place online from the comfort of your home or office.

Our shirts are made with quality and made to fit any body type or size.

We use fabrics from the finest mills across the world with a focus on quality. Superior workmanship is then applied to construct the perfect made-to-measure shirt for our clients.

Our diverse style-offering in cut and patterns brings additional personality and character to our shirts.

Workmanship is a paramount focus as we make handcrafted dress shirts just for you.

We offer three lines: Everyday, Chic and Elite.

The Everyday line is perfect for the everyday wear-and-go. This is a classic tailored cotton-rich business shirt line that provides the basics, allowing the convenience of ordering in as little as 5 minutes!

While our Chic line is our 100% cotton fabric line that is inspired by a fashionable business culture and all that signifies freedom and personal style.

TailorGuys′ Elite line is a distinctive and most luxurious line that is positioned for the most discerning market segment offering premium 2-ply, ultra-fine cotton.

Our lines have a standard feature-offer of:

  • 7 button front placket for a streamline look
  • Sleeve gauntlet for added comfort
  • Fused collar and cuff for added structure
  • Sturdy removable collar stays

Optional features include:

  • Choice in front placket
  • Back pleat
  • Collars
  • Cuffs
  • Buttons (including Mother of Pearl)
  • Contrast (Bold and Subtle)
  • Biased cutting
  • Up to three letters for monogram