1. How does the order process work?

    The order process is simple: You visit a nearest authorized ordering centre in your area where:
    - a qualified fit consultant can take your measurements
    - help you pick the right fabric and pattern
    - fill the order!

    Once your order is in, you will get a call within 4-6 weeks to pickup your order!

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  2. With many online options for made-to-measure shirts, why would I buy from you?

    True. At TailorGuys we focus on:

    1. Fit: To wear a made-to-measure shirt that's just for your body type is just that – for you. Your measurements are taken by a qualified fit consultant and goes beyond just your neck size and sleeve length. The more information we have on your measurements, the better the fit.

    2. Personalization: Your shirt is just for you. It is not a ready-to-wear shirt that is altered to fit you. You can pick any combination of styles and fabric from our style book and have a look that's just for you. Best part is that you get to touch and feel the fabric you like before you order. However, once the order form is filled, the online convenience kicks in for payment and all related communiqué.

    3. Quality: At TailorGuys, we take pride in the quality of the workmanship that goes into every shirt. Our tailors hand craft each shirt exactly as you order it.

    We go beyond just taking a template and cutting a shirt with the fabric you chose. We take your specific measurements and use them to hand craft your shirt.

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  3. Some of the questions on the order form are very specific; Why?

    The more detail our tailors have about your measurements and requirements, the better the fit will be of the shirt.

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  4. What are the allowances added to actual measurements taken?

    We add the following to the actual body measurements recorded on the order form:

    Slim Fit (cms) Regular Fit (cms)
    Shoulders 2 4
    Chest 4 8
    Stomach 4 8
    Hip 4 8
    Cuffs/Wrist 3 3

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  5. How do oversize shirts work?

    We make oversize shirts where an additional 25% cost will be added to the published cost. An oversize shirt is one that exceeds the following measurements:

    Chest/Stomach/Hip Front/Back (cms)
    Men 150cms 90cms

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  6. Can I change or cancel my order?

    If you have changes made to the order, they will need to be received before 6PM EST on day-of-order. Unfortunately, any changes submitted after 6PM EST on day-of-order cannot be processed. Please contact your point of order in such an event and we will work with them to do our best to accommodate your needs.

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  7. What if my shirts arrive and it is not as ordered?

    Every shirt is made-to-measure and we expect a 2cm variance in stomach, chest, hip and shirt length with a 1cm variance in neck, cuffs and sleeve length. If variances exceed these parameters then please contact TailorGuys directly. While personalization, quality and fit are our focus areas, your satisfaction is also of paramount importance. We will ensure that your order is fulfilled as expected if your shirt is received not-as-ordered.

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  8. How do I pay for my order?

    TailorGuys has setup a highly secure, robust and convenient payment method with PayPal. Once your order has been submitted at the authorized ordering centre, you will receive an email requesting payment with the appropriate PayPal web-links. You will log into a secure PayPal site where your credit information is collected along with your billing information. Upon successful submission of your payment you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt. This receipt is your official confirmation of order and payment. A notification of payment is also received at TailorGuys when your order is released for fulfillment. Your credit card statement will show a PayPal entry associated with TailorGuys. You do not need a PayPal account to make payments towards your TailorGuys order. Please review PayPal's privacy policy for more information.

    Note, no credit information and/or billing information is sent to TailorGuys. We neither have access to your personal information outside of what is requested on the order form.

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  9. How long will it be before I receive my order?

    Your order will be fulfilled approximately 4-6 weeks after it is processed based on the intricacy of your order. Once your order is complete, our inspection team goes through a strict 21-point check to ensure the utmost quality of your shirts. We then ship them to you the authorized ordering centre (point of order) to pick them up.

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  10. Where do you ship?

    We ship back to the place of order.

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  11. What is your return policy?

    We guarantee that shirts will be made according to your selected style options, fabrics and measurements provided by you.

    If the order was not made to your specifications, we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

    All returned orders must include a return request number.

    There are 3 exceptions.

    1. We cannot accept shirts that have been worn, washed, damaged or altered in any way.

    2. We cannot accept returns 10 days after the order pickup notification was sent to you.

    3. Once you approve the fit, style and measurements of your order and we make your order based on your instructions, the shirt sale will be considered final with no refund or remake.

    Simply follow the instructions below:

    Step 1:

    E-mail us at returns@tailorguys.com to receive our Refund Form. Complete and send the form back to us. We will then issue you a return request number.

    You may return the item to your order location with the return request number where it will be picked up by TailorGuys.

    Step 2:

    After we receive the merchandise, we will examine the returned item. TailoGuys reserves the right to deny any returned items that do not meet the guidelines above.

    Refunds are processed promptly via PayPal. PayPal will notify you via e-mail once we have processed the refund.

    Please note that PayPal may require additional days to process and post this transaction to your account once they have received the information from us.

    If you require assistance, please call Tailorguys representative at 416-273-4460.

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  12. What is your privacy policy?

    All privacy matters are treated very seriously at TailorGuys and we do not share any personal information with non-authorized parties. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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